About Us

Royal Destined Int’l School is a government approved school, co-educational, non-denominational, Inter-Cultural, Multi-Linguistic and International school. Royal destined school started like a Mustard seed Twelve years ago which has grown to a giant tree where many birds are setting and building their nest for safety and comfort. The school is a home for children, an education centre for learners and a church for pupils and teachers.
The school was established by Chief and Mrs. Anayo Oliver Ogbu on 12th September 2005. It is situated at No.12 Nkpologwu Street Omagba Phase II, Onitsha. In R.D.I.S., the school history will not be completed without mentioning the contribution of my mother, Mrs J.C. Nwodo; Prof and Mrs. Chizzy Nwodo, Dr and Mrs. Chinedu Nwodo, Engr.& Pharm.Franklin Nwodo, Sir and Lady Charles Nzenwigbo and Ofodile Uche Esq, who supported the school both financially, morally and otherwise.
The school later under went all the rigorous inspections and finally government approval by State Ministry of Education in December 2008.

The founding teachers are Mrs. Adeleke Chineye, Mrs Izueke Ogechukwu and Mrs udechukwu Chinyere. The founding manager, Mr. Okey Nweye, now lecturer at Linguistic Department University of Ibadan made tremendous effort towards the growth of and the expansion of the school through out the 7years he was the school manager. As part of his achievements, he composed R.D.I.S school Anthem. He handed over to the incumbent manager Mr. Ebo, Charles Okechukwu who is known for his vibrance and innovations in the school which promoted the growth of the school, its popularity and of a great academic excellence in all positive aspects.. No wonder, he gives through Raph Virgin foundation termly scholarship to the best student in the secondary section.
The school due to its population and to achieve conducive atmosphere for learning, the secondary section was moved to its current site at No 12 Ezinifite Street Omagba Phase II, Onitsha. To make qualitative education accessible to all. It established its campus 2 (Creche, Basic, and Secondary) at No.10 Ocheze Street Omeilfe 3-3 Enuofufe Nkwelle Ezunaka on Monday 10th September, 2012.

The school has outstanding and excellent academic performance in both internal and public examination. In 2014 transition into secondary school, Anayo Olivia scored 349. In BECE, Agude Chibuzor made Distinctions In examination. In 2014 S.S.C.E Anyim winner got Distinction in the result.


The school is at its peak by organizing Inter Class and inters school sports competition. For the love the children have for sports, We observe weekly sports activities for every section in an attempt to develop sound mind in a healthy body with this saying , in mind “ keep on sporting and remain healthy. The school took 3rd position in 2013 independence day march-past competition at Justice Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium.
On morality , the school places higher premium on it, hence , it has invited well known religious men and women to preach both the pupils and students and has a weekly programme known as goodies Wednesday for Nursery section ,goodies Thursday section for Primary and goodies Fridays for secondary section where by pupils and students with outstanding behavious are rewarded and disobedient child is corrected with love to be a better child for the family and the society. The school has ultra modern digital library and computer room which is connected to the internet with the assistance of computres and VISAT donated to the school by the Anambra State under the leadership of Dr.Willie Obiano and commissioner for Education Dr. Kate Omenugha. The pupils and students are exposed to practical use of computer right from nursery classes. No wonder that every pupil and student from Basic 5 now have e-mal address.
On extra moral activities, the school embarks on a number of trips and excursions to expose the pupils and students. It embarked on excursion to the land of Extreme Amusement park Asaba, A.B.S Radio station, Asaba International Airport, Nigerian Stock Exchange Onitsha Branch, etc and has invited other groups to conduct seminar and workshops to promote the proficiency of teachers . Hence, it has the tradition of organizing annual staff forum to equip the teachers and entire staff for better performance.
It enjoys good cordiality with the parents, hence, the hosting of P.T.A meeting every session. The P.T.A chairman, Engineer Ugwu Okwudili Michael and his executive members have been very supportive in promoting the school, since its inauguration on 12th November 2010, hence, to appreciate the parents special Xmas Party was organized for them on Tuesday 16th Decmber,2014 and special gifts were to them , the first of its kind among the schools around , no wonder the school is regarded as primus inter pares, that is, best among equals.
The classrooms are organized and modernized with the installation of whiteboards. in all which was facilitated by N100,000 donation made by Senator Annie Okoknwo during 2014 graduation ceremony. He was attracted to the school for the donation by Chief Emenike Nwinyi (one of our parents). Besides ,there are modern teaching aids in all the classrooms as well as adequate ventilation for conducive teaching and learning. It has functional bookshop and canteen to provide the needs of the school community.
In order to promote the health of the children, state ministry of Health usually send its team of vaccinators to the school during routine immunization and vaccination exercise against meningitis, pupil, students and teachers were immunized on Tuesday 28th and We.29th October 2014, it has modern toilet facilities and regular supply of water as well as modern waste disposal management in collaboration with Anambra State Waste Management Agency.
The promotion of science education is unequalled; hence, the school insists on practical for all classes especially those of them in senior primary and secondary section. They usually make use of science laboratory in carrying out experiments and regular practical in classes to produce great scientist for the school.
Above all, the school has goodwill and maintains friendliness with its neighbors. As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we pray that the good Lord shall sustain the efforts in training the young people for better tomorrow all to the glory of God.


School Anthem

Verse I

Great Royal Destined
The school of my dream
A noble school
I owe you the duty
To uphold your honour
And raise your standard
Royal Destined International School


Oh! My dreams have come true
Royal Destined I love you
How I love you
I thank you Jesus
For this opportunity
To belong to this noble school


Verse II

Great Royal Destined
In games and sporting
Drama and debate
And the rest of others
In academics
We are proud of teachers
Who are dedicated to their work